Smoothie diet in an easy way

I meet my friend Emy last week and she looked younger and slim, it seems she lost around 20 pounds of her weight. that looks cool I told her “ Emy you look beautiful today” what happened with you.

Emy used to follow many diet plans in the last few months but neither of them worked with her, she thought to try the green smoothie diet, why ??     

Because Smoothie is a good way to lose weight deliciously and easily. While the problem with any diet plan is that most of us find it boring. but wait, you can enjoy your delicious smoothie and lose weight, she said.

She knows that Smoothie’s diet is popular and has proven results in losing the weight she told me.

Why The Green smoothies:

Fresh fruits and vegetables provide the body with neutral sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that improve the body’s health, detox and cleanse your body, improve digest process, body energy makes your skin and hair better and looking more younger.

Simply if you replace one or two of your daily food meals with a smoothie, you will lose weight in 21 days and feel more powerful and younger. 

She said Stop fill your stomach with unnecessary food that stores fats in your body and heart.

 I started a smoothie diet “Emy said” and feel fresh and light because I feed my body with fresh fruits and vegetables daily. oh what a nice mode.

Not only that, but my skin, hair, and nails be more healthy as fresh fruits and vegetables reach in antioxidants which are the magic natures pill for bringing out your natural beauty. 

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Looks simple and easy, Replace 2 meals with the smoothie and eat the third normally .no need to wait 21 days but after the first week, you will feel the difference.

How to start the smoothie diet?

But what helped me to start my smoothie diet plan:

Not every smoothie is perfect for diet as calories differ, Not every smoothie tasty and healthy, and you need to have a lot of different recipes to avoid get boring.

She used The smoothie diet e-book by Drew Sgouats, he provides a plan for 21 days based on replacing 2 meals with smoothies with one free day “ Cheat day” you can eat 3 meals without smoothie and also he recommends what you can eat.

Smoothie diet

He gives a 36 smoothie recipe and guides for the free daily meal, in addition to a purchase guide And the most important is that he in touch with his clients by emails to answer any inquiries or explanation on time so you feel you are not alone “ that is the best part”.

Emy said that this becomes her daily lifestyle even after finish the 21 days she used to have one meal replacement smoothie every day “mostly the breakfast” as this helps her improve the digest process and feel comfortable.

I looked for this book and got my copy “price only $ 37  good price.

And you get:

  • Plan for 21 days of smoothie diet.
  • 36 smoothie recipes.
  • Shopping guide.
  • 3-day detox plan.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Author support as your health coach.

I then decided to bring you this story and this product that sure you will like it and may help you in losing weight and healthy life .. change your life, Go Green with Green Smoothie diet program and gain Lose weight, cleanse, detox and healthy life.

The Smoothie Diet program


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