The Magic Juice.. for every woman and man

A magic juice mix that you will never stop it , Ginger and cinnamon have a huge benefits for the health for both women and men and you can add them to your Apple juice to get the most benefits of this delicious cocktail, What are the benefits of a mix of Apple , ginger and cinnamon ? what a good idea to add honey not sugar .. But What are the negative effects of it , continue reading this article to know how to prepare this delicious magic drink and get the most benefits of it .

Benefits of Apple juice with Ginger, Cinnamon and Honey:

Very important and effective to lose weight .

– This mix is a high and rich source of antioxidant that helps prevent many diseases and treatment.

– The most important benefits of ginger include Fight obesity and prevent diabetes as medical studies show that it improve the blood sugar level .

– Ginger is very useful in fighting and protect against Cold and fever dieses .

– Preventing Alzheimer’s and improving mood as studies confirmed that cinnamon may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, according to Professor Michael Ovadia of the Department of Zoology at Tel Aviv University, it was shown that cinnamon contains compounds with elements that limit the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

 – Cinnamon and ginger both have soothing properties for nerves, so they can help relax, relieve pressure, and improve mood.

– Muscle pain relief as study conducted at the Food Security Research Center published in 2013 in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, examined the effect of ginger and cinnamon intake on muscle inflammation and this study confirms the popular and traditional use of ginger and cinnamon in relieving muscle pain.

– The effectiveness of ginger and cinnamon drink in reducing oxidative stress as study showing the effect of this mix on the oxidative stress caused by exercise and bodybuilding on female athletes an improvement in the performance of aerobic exercise and bodybuilding.

 – Health of your teeth because apple contains oxalic acid.
– fights the bad effects of cholesterol, which accumulates in the arteries of the body.
– Clean the body from toxins.

– Apple ,Ginger are effective in fighting Cancer   .

Benefits of ginger and cinnamon for men sexual health

Drink ginger mixed with cinnamon consider a magic mixture for man’s sexual health. help to be free from diseases or impotence.

these two components have many great benefits as the effect of stimulating blood circulation and increasing blood flow to all parts of the body. The ginger mixture with cinnamon reduces the accumulation of cholesterol, which negatively affects the erection process .

Reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, and it is known that its increase affects the sexual process and reduces sexual desire in men. Ginger and cinnamon are rich sources for vitamin B6, which is necessary to produce the male hormone testosterone, Each of them contains a number of minerals such as potassium, phosphorous and manganese, which are necessary to produce healthy sperm and free from deformities. Reducing the level of triglycerides in the blood, which, if increased in the blood have a negative effects and cause weakens the heart muscle and increases the likelihood of heart disease, Adding Honey to this mix will make it a power and energy juice.

The zinc levels in both cinnamon and ginger help to strengthen the sexual arousal of a man, which is the first step in the sexual process. Ginger mixture with cinnamon helps treat the problem of premature ejaculation and contribute to its delay. The folic acid found in both cinnamon and ginger helps protect sperm from malformations as their numbers increase.

Magic of Ginger

Ginger drink

The nutritional value of ginger contains a large amount of water, a good percentage of protein, and a very small percentage of fats, along with many vitamins such as vitamin B6, B2, B2, B2, vitamin C, K, E, folic acid, and many other Minerals include zinc, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and carbohydrates.

The nutrients in ginger do not differ from those in cinnamon, but the proportions differ in each, and combining them together means doubling the amount of vitamins and minerals that the body gets when they are taken together.

The Cons :

As everything in our life, there is a negative as positive points, just as ginger and cinnamon have benefits, they have harmful effects if they are consumed in large quantities and in the case of pregnant women .

So, it is preferred to consume this drink once or twice a day no more as increase in consuming ginger affect your stomach and may cause faint and reduce blood pressure.

How to prepare Apple juice with Ginger,Cinnamon

Cut 3 pieces of Green Apple with 2 Cinnamon sticks and half spoon of ginger powder and put it in 1.5 Liter of water, leave it boiling then cold the mix and then use your juicer to blend the mix and add honey as per your choice.. Enjoy your delicious power juice..

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